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An Award Winning Documentary by Ted Mattison and Paul Kelleher


Ted started absolutely bare naked at the event known as Burning Man on a blazing hot afternoon in August.   He had no water, food, shelter or supplies for an entire week in the harsh Black Rock Desert of Nevada where daytime temperatures regularly exceed 100 degrees fahrenheit.   He stayed within a perimeter and relied entirely on donations from the community to survive the entire week.  What started as a desperate solicitation for sunblock and water grew into a community of generosity and gifting.  Complete strangers not only came to Ted's rescue, they became concerned with Ted's comfort and happiness.   The entire week was shot on digital video by Ted's co-creator Paul and the "crew" of Barb and Mark.   Excellent Burning Man documentaries have been done before.  This film focuses on a single camp's evolution within the context of Burning Man.  Don't worry you'll still see shots of Thunderdome, Megavolt and the Lily Pond...but the real story is how NOTHING grew into SOMETHING.   An extraordinary experiment in community.


"Will reaffirm your faith in humanity."  -- Minneapolis Star Tribune
"Brilliant."  -- George Gage (Doc. filmmaker of Fire on the Mountain)
"One of the most talked about films at the Ashland Film Festival"  --Ashland DailyTidings



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