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Theatrical Agent: Minc Talent


Commercial Agent:  KMR


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American Horror Story Hotel, Bosch, Scorpion

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"Mattison finds refreshing grace notes in what might have been a stock character" Hollywood Reporter


“DEEPLY MOVING.… illuminate[s] how our differences, personal and political, are minor compared to our commonality… Shirley Jo Finney directs her well-chosen cast brilliantly.” —Theatre Spoken Here

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Acting Teacher

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The primary journey of the actor is to explore and expand their range. Are you consistently studying your craft?


“I’ve had the great pleasure to direct, teach and collaborate with Ted. He’s an artist of inspiration and bravery and brings out the best in everyone around him.” 

Enrico Colantoni (Just Shoot Me, Galaxy Quest, Contagion, Flash Point, MFA: Yale Drama)


“Ted is a powerful and savvy Director. I felt safe enough to explore the unknown under his guidance. Thanks, Ted for keeping me safe while stretching me to my capacity."

Lonnie Hughes (Elena Undone, Desperate Housewives, Mad Men, Broken Marine)


“Ted is a wonderfully passionate, creative, and caring person. His enthusiasm and commitment to the craft of acting is rare. He is able to guide actors in a gentle and supportive way that gets you where you need to be to maximize your performance in the room, on stage, or in front of the camera.  There is no doubt that having Ted on your side will only help you get where you need to go."  Ariel Hart (All About Evil, Resonance of Love, Substance Abuse)


“I’ve known Ted for over 20 years. His work as a stage and screen actor has been varied and challenging. As a director and actor coach, Ted is specific, honest, and encouraging to actors with whom he works. As a writer and producer, he has created challenging and evocative works on film and for the stage. He is a natural teacher, talented artist, and a warmly genuine human being. Acting training needs more like him.”  Michael J.Arndt; Professor of Theatre Arts, California Lutheran University, Founder of Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival

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